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Public Space Hacks

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The ideal venue is a public plaza, park or atrium where you can carve out a little workplace, but there are lots of opportunities to engage people passing by. Other good possibilities include places that are really inspirational, like a waterfront or a scenic overlook, or places where people are usually just passing the time like a train, plane or ferry.
Some ideas on how to make the most of the public spaces you work in:
  • Chalk Lines - chalk out a line and write something like "This Space Reserved for Working" or "My Office"
  • Carpet "Seating" - laying down a blanket, an area rug, or even just some indoor/outdoor carpet can provide temporary "seating" and marks a gathering point for people in your breakout session
  • Coffee - its cheap, and it signals that you mean business. Always try to have free coffee for your participants or pass the hat and send someone to fetch it.
  • Balloons - probably the easiest way to mark your location in a large or crowded public space (see how people use it in Bryant Park on movie nights in the summer)


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