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Session Notes & Lessons

  • bag should be on rollies - once you load it down with laptop, batteries, printer, etc gets heavy fast.
    • best setup is probably a hard musician's case kind of thing, strapped to a folding luggage dolly (add pic)
  • need live weather data and forecast integrated into the OS
  • always bring chargers for everything, especially when doing >1 event in a day
  • need some visible symbol/beacon for participants to orient and gather around
  • visible logo/beacon (like above) PLUS sign saying FREE WIFI to draw in passersby to at least learn about the festival, or even to drop in and participate on the spot. (for sessions where it's appropriate)
  • suggested nearby rain sites (good secondary places to move to if a session gets rained out) attached to each site in the OS


Breakout Basics

Here are some tips, tricks, tools and techniques for helping you create productive and creative coworking-style meetings outside the office. 

  • Meeting Formats - descriptions, recommended formats and facilitator guides for accomplishing various goals.
  • Public Space Hacks - ways to carve out a workspace in a public space
  • Tools - supporting infrastructure and tools



NYC Event Planning 




We really want to see Breakout spread around the world, get mashed up in your own public space and culture, and shared back here. Use this Wiki or link from it.




Everything on this Wiki is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution—Noncommercial—Share Alike 3.0 

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